Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poses for Prose and Poetry

Okay so I'm a little lazy- I could make more poses myself but I have just cause!

I like other's ideas and impressions of the movements a mermaid would make. I'm always half enchanted by trying to solve the mystery behind things. It's something I do and I imagine others who like to shop for unique items in SL do as well. To try and solve the mystery of the origin of a creator's design. Or maybe it's just me :P.

Anyway, the uber talented Frigg Ragu has finally shared her amazing poses with the rest of us!! Yay!! What this means for you, my fine finn'd friends is that there are mer poses and naga poses and even some selkie poses in her packs for mer. So swim fast and buy them!


Can I mention the limited edition TSM&M hair colours are awesome fun! Yus I can!

pose: Poses for Prose and Poetry by Frigg Ragu

hair and eyelashes: The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine by Helena Stringer

eyes: Shine by Brandy Rasmuson

skin: Mother Goose's by milok Hermit

shirt: Lavish Style by Katy Angel

sweater: BareRose by June Dion

selkie set: Atargatis by Cheran Snook

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