Sunday, September 6, 2009

Message in a Bottle

I built a library. A submerged library. Yes for mer. I am insanely proud of it even though technically I just smershed a bunch of stuff together to make it. I did write the little blurbs in all the bottles though.

It's not a fancy library and it's not going to reveal any deep and amazing mer secrets. It's just something I wanted to make. Encouraged by Daphy and Cheran I made it. It's in Ataragatis right now so anyone can visit it. I might add some few touches here and there to it but over all it's pretty much done.

It's really something I thought about trying to picture what type of library mer would have if they had libraries. I tend to believe most undersea societies would rely upon instinct and oral storytelling to pass on tradition. I thought though that there might be a sunken library cobbled together for changeling mer that weren't born with kin to pass on tradition to.

Buoy's taken from the surface of the ocean, held in place with a net stretched across the small platform glow with some sort of undersea alchemy to provide soft lighting to read by. Soft sea plants flow around the pillars of rock that hold the delicate bottles with their fragile scrolls. Seating is carved from the same rocks as the pillars, unobtrusively allowing a visitor to recline and read at their leisure.

I figured the items, the library should be in a recognizable form, something they would find familiar from their time as a human.

Messages in bottles then... There's eight small messages I've put into the bottles. Nothing life altering or changing. Just little bits of advice and wisdom gleaned from my own opinions and ocean living life in SL.
Visit it here:

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