Friday, September 11, 2009

Mod with a touch of Bobby Pins...

Here pretty picture:

I've been rather disappointed by the mer community in general but more specifically lately in not seeing anyone do something creative with the generosity Azaiya had in pulling an Eloh with her fin sets.

( Tangent alert! If you don't know what an "Eloh" is - Eloh has a series of skin textures and templates that she has generously given to the community at large. Free and full permissions. These aren't crap textures or ripped textures either. These are all original works that the progression of can be seen in her available templates. They are lovely and she is amazing for such generosity. Look at her blog here: )

So I did a mild mod simply tinting the white textures available in her texture pack a peachy tone and the fins a bit brighter and adding some glow. I added extra fins cause lets be honest, there can never be enough fins! I made a little set for my head as well cause someone recently was wondering where to find "mermaid ears" - although I prefer my pointed Fae ears myself, I don't think ears and head fins look too amiss.

I gotta say I think Azaiya's generosity is equally amazing and that she is lovely for doing that as well. It really has the potential to add depth to a role play area if they modified the fins for their particular sim look or for someone looking for something in particular that they haven't been able to find in a shop for purchase. It is also a good way to understand the templates for creating fin sets as well as opening up an avenue for creativity and maybe more interaction and discussion.

What? Don't know who Azaiya is and where to find her stuff? I bet you've seen her work worn on a random mer without knowing it, but in case, just in case have a looksy here:

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