Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Mermaid's Fate

I really really adore things that mix legg'd and mer. I mean to say where both can socialize together because the reality is that most people don't want to don a set of fins for their avatar but lots of them actually enjoy being around mer and otherkin. It's just sometimes not often that it is made easy for it to visually seem likely and that visual factor often detracts from SL.

Dunno if I'm making sense here...

Anywho! This furniture set does that! It's built around a lovely mermaid tank. With some couches and addition furniture for legg'd. It's not every day average furniture either. It's sort of a bit more on the erotic side so if that sort of thing bothers you it's probably not the furniture you want to go try but for the rest of my finn'd friends, it's an interesting and mer/legg'd friendly option to consider.

The whispering tank version whispers things about the mermaid's fate (which over time I could see getting a little repetitive but I think I saw the option to turn it off) and the whispers are a little bit, not creepy, but I dunno... "interesting" I guess. lol! The animation in the tank is really soft and flows in a manner quite pleasing to the eye.

If you're intrigued go see a working demo here:

The Mermaid's Fate Dominant Themed Collection: Hush by Askani Aichi

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